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gsp sad face Mommy was playing ball with me last night when all of a sudden I caught a wiff of my favorite scent, poopy perfume!  I started to search the yard for it.  I knew it had to be somewhere.  My nose just led the way.  Aha!  I found it.  I was in heaven!  I began rolling in it making sure it covered every inch of my body.  Mommy must have wanted some too.  She ran across the yard all excited waving her arms out like a crazy lady and yelling.  But I must have used it all up because when she got there she didn’t start rolling in it and looked very unhappy.  I think I overdid the poopy perfume.  It was too overpowering for mommy’s sensitive nose and I ended up going straight to the scary rainy room!   I will have to go a little easier on it next time.  I really geeselove this new home.  It has big yards for me to run in with lots of big yardlittle fast furry friends to chase, the geese visit from the creek, lots to see all the time and lets not forget the abundance of poopy perfume!

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2 Replies to “POOPY PERFUME

  1. Hi Simba,
    We must have been on the same wavelength! 2 days ago, at 7am, I found the biggest pile of poop ever and worked hard at covering as much of my neck and sides as I could. I was so proud of myself. But mom took me around to the hose at lightening speed, and before I knew it, she was shampooing me while muttering strange words I don’t usually hear. Sometimes I don’t understand humans!

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