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 image of german shorthaired pointerWhen I was a puppy, my first night at my new home was a little scary.  I missed my 8 brothers and sisters.  Mom had set up a crate in the kitchen.  The doorway was blocked by a gate so that I can run around in the kitchen and play with her.  She smiled at me the entire time as she sat on the kitchen floor cuddling and playing with me.  Suddenly, she stood up, gave me a big kiss, put me in the crate full of soft blankies, turned on a tiny light at the same time she switched off the bright light and said “Goodnight”.   WHAT?  No Goodnight!  Come back!  I’m cold!  I’m scared!  COME BACK!  She must have heard me because she thankfully appeared at the kitchen doorway.  She did not let me out of the crate but she laid on the floor right next to it.  I still complained so she squeezed her hand into the crate to touch me.  I laid on her hand snuggling into it.  The warmth and motion of her hand put me right to sleep.  I don’t know how long I was

This is me at 8 weeks old.  C'mon say it...I was such a cute puppy.

PUPPYsleeping when I peeked out and found myself alone again.  WHAT?  No!  Come back!  I’m cold!  I’m scared!  COME BACK!   I had to repeat myself many times but she finally appeared.  By the looks of her, I must have only been asleep a few minutes.  This went for several hours until she finally broke down.  She let me out of my crate.  I was so happy and excited that my entire butt wiggled along with my short stubby tail.  She laid on the little rug in the kitchen with her eyes closed.  I climbed up onto her belly, curled up and slept the entire night.  It was almost like being back with my brothers and sisters.  I was warm, I was soothed by a beating heart, she was soft and cuddly.




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  1. We bring our GSP puppy home tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about how the first few nights will go. We are setting up her crate in the kitchen but we have a second one we’re thinking about putting upstairs in my 15 year old son’s room for her to sleep in at night.

    1. Don’t be nervous. Be ready to not sleep the first few nights until the pup gets comfortable in her new crate. Simba had no problem going into the crate during the day when I had to go to work. She just didn’t want to sleep alone at night. She craved the warm body contact. It worked out well for both of us. See what works best for you. Good luck and enjoy all the love.

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