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SAM-The Story of a Rescued GSP

SAM-The Story of a Rescued GSP

by Sam’s Mom-Anita

GSP-SamAnimal Control found him as a runaway dog. He ran away from owners and may have lived on his own for some time judging from how terribly dirty he was. He was heart worm positive and following painful treatments shows good recovery. Three months ago we rescued Sam, a 5-year old GSP from the local county Animal Control. He is the sweetest guy and we’ve come to love him with his wonderful energy.You can’t imagine how dirty he was. My hands were black the first time I touched his back. He had a massive skin and ear infection. Owners reclaimed him but then refused to take care of his heart worms. It was back to Animal Control. His health is much improved.  We don’t have much history. Apparently he spent much of his time on a porch.  He is the sweetest guy.  Sam’s first toy (he picked out it in the pet store) was a stuffed hedgehog. It lasted all of a day before we had stuffing all over the living room. 🙂  We just love him. He has adopted a rubber duck as his friend.  Anita

Sam and Duck

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