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Last night started pulling out those big green boxes.  I know that my big Santa sock is in one of those boxes.   She pulled out the pretty tree that somehow survives without water in the basement.  I helped her by leading the way up the stairs as she carried each piece up.  I seems odd to me how three small bushes end up looking like a beautiful tree when mom is done SANTA IMG_20131107_184825with them.  She is like magic.  Every year the first week of November, we bring out the bright tree.  We don’t decorate it with balls and toys; we just make the lights glow at night.  The tree glows beautifully every night until Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving mom and my brother and sister would always spend the day decorating while wonderful smells came from the oven.  They had so much fun together.  They would joke, dance, jump up and down, laugh, take pictures,  and sit back to admire their work.  It was truly special.  Mom added new glowing balls of different shades of gray this year.  She said that this year she wanted a little more color in her life.  It looks amazing.  Do you know what this all means?  Pretty soon, my sock is going up on the fireplace and SANTA IS COMING!


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2 Replies to “SANTA IS COMING!

  1. Oh, goodie! I love Christmas and all the gray and grey decorations. I was getting worried- our mantle still has mom’s bunny collection from Easter on it. Although I LOVE bunnies. They make me stand frozen and my mind goes blank and I am temporarily deaf when I see them outside. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas if I’m extra good!

    1. You have to be real good for Santa to come, mom says. I know this sometimes can be so difficult for me but I try. I also suffer from bunny-para syndrome except after freezing a moment my legs just start running uncontrollably. I hear nothing and lose all self control. I wonder if it’s contageous?

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