Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.

Simba Loves to Play

Simba is very active and just loves to play.  She is constantly seeking attention.  I she feels I have been ignoring her too long, even though I am constantly talking to her, she will let out this really loud bark.  She sits real tall, stares at me without blinking and just let out a bark.  It always makes me look to see what wrong with her.  Once she know she has

image of Simba, German Shorthaired Pointer
Happy Simba after playing.

my attention, she jumps up wagging her tail.  She lowers the front of her body and growls playfully saying “Come play with me!”  When I see how smart and cute she is, it always make me smile.  I can’t help but jump on her and we play around wrestling eachother for a while.



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