Mommy Takes Me To Work

Mommy Takes Me To Work

Simba going to work.Mommy works two jobs.  Her second job right now is updating a rental property.  The property is vacant so she took me along to keep her company while she worked.  It was a nice little house.  I liked the living room.  It had big windows all the way down.  I was able to watch everything that was going on outside.  The windows also made the room sunny and warm.  The kitchen was a little scary
and that is where mom was working.  Everything seemed torn out and worse of all, the ladder was right in the middle.  I don’t like the ladder.  It sometimesgerman shorthaired pointer makes an explosive, jump out of your skin kind of noise.  Sometimes mommy places it against the wall instead of opening it.  It seems that the ladder cannot walk on its’ own when it’s on four legs but when it’s on two it starts to walk and the dummy finally falls on the floor with a huge thunder.   Mommy called me into the kitchen and filled my bowl with water.  I peaked around the corner and stepped in with one paw then pulled it back.  Then again and again german shorhaired pointerand again until mommy took the ladder out of the room.  I sat next to her pressed up against her back as she painted.  I would go off and explore the rest of the house for a few minutes and come back to keep mommy company for another while.  I really liked the big backyard too.  Mommy let me run around and explore the whole yard.  I had a great day at work with mom.




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10 Responses to Mommy Takes Me To Work

  1. Peter says:

    Simba, you rock! …your mom too:)

  2. Simba,

    I am afraid of the ladders, too! You are very smart to stay away from them.



  3. Brian says:

    Hi Simba!

    You seem like such a wonderful puppy!

  4. Titi says:


    Glad to see your a hard working dog keeping mommy company and all.
    See you soon precious.

  5. Dogs Circle says:

    Hi Simba, you are so adventurous! You’re doing real estate biz too? I remember the last time that you were in the car wash too.

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