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Mom put a squirrel in a knot-hole of our dining room ceiling.

Those furry little jumping beans out in the yard are not friendly at all.  Mommy calls them squirrels.  They love to tease me when I’m locked in the house.  I lay on our bed watching out of the big windows facing the backyard.  I know they see me watching as they bounce, prance, climb, and jump all through my backyard.  Thwatching squirrelsey go up and down our big tree and then they play these cool chase games where they chase each other’s tails around the tree.  I want to play too!  My squirrelneck gets sore from whipping it back and forth up and down trying to keep up with them.  In the morning, mommy just takes so long to get ready.  I whimper and pace around in circles trying to make her hurry.  “Hurry, hurry I want

Hurry! Are you ready yet?  What about now?
Hurry! Are you ready yet? What about now?

to go play with squirrels!  Mom, they’re going to leave, hurry!”  As soon as mom opens the door, she makes all kinds of noise.  I don’t know why mom does this.  Doesn’t she see that they’re afraid of her?  They all run and disappear into the trees when they see mom.  I know they would stay out and play with me but they don’t like noise.  I try to catch up with them galloping at full speed to the back of the yard before they hear mom coming.  But I think they can smell her because they’re always gone too.  I try galloping back to the center tree which makes mom start jumping up and down as she yells.  I try to be careful with all the new little plants she put in the ground around the tree but honestly she picked a real bad spot if you ask me.  After all the of mom’s commotion, I’m left without any friends to play with.  Once mommy goes to work and I go back upstairs to look, guess what?  They all come back out to play.  That’s how I know that they’re afraid of mommy.



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2 Replies to “SQUIRRELS!

  1. Hi Simba,
    My mom’s weird like that, too. She has the bird feeders in the middle of a planting bed, and my favorite thing to do in the morning with my little sis is to bolt out the back door straight into that bed and watch the birds scatter every which way. Well, mom and dad were digging around in there recently (why am I not allowed to dig but they can?) and when Mom saw us standing in there admiring it, she started yelling like the house was on fire. Dad keeps pouring water on the new plants in there, which is really strange. He put fencing around it yesterday and now we can’t go in there to feel mud between our toes when it rains. I think it’s a conspiracy…
    Yours truly,

    1. Chase, you’re so funny. My mommy just put barrier around the plants today. I guess she thinks I need more exercise and want me to jump over stuff while I chase the squirrels. Sometimes, she’s a little hard to figure out.

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