SimbaI know it is Sunday because mommy always washes the sheets on Sunday.  I don’t like Sunday because at bedtime I have to wait for mommy to make our bed.  I don’t mind helping but sometimes it takes even longer when I jump up and try to help her stretch out the sheets.  I don’t know how she does it.  It’s really hard.  The more I jump and turn, the more they clump up into a ball instead of spreading out.  I just don’t get it.  If I’m really tired, I just sit on the floor at the foot of the bed and let her make the bed by herself.  I stare at her and every few minutes I whine and ask, “Is it ready yet?  Mommy answers, “Not yet.”  I whine again, “How about now?”  “No not yet.”  “And now?”  This goes on until mommy looks over at me, smiles, and says “Okay, now it’s ready.”   I pounce up on the bed and rub and roll all over the clean blanket.  I just love that fresh, clean smell and how soft they feel.  By the time mommy puts her pajamas on, I’m usually cuddled with my bed pal and (according to mom) snoring.













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4 Responses to SUNDAY NIGHT, AUGH

  1. Ha!! Love this because my girl does this too! I take the sheets off..she jumps on the bed. I get her down and put the fitted sheet on, she jumps on the bed. I get her down and put the regular sheet on, she jumps on the bed. You get where this is going. It is hard to be mad though because it is hilarious 😉

  2. Lisa Tobin says:

    OMG!! Were you in my house too? I have a GSP that does the same thing. What cute faces they have when patiently waiting the “AHHH” moment when he does finally jump onto the bed ON THE CLEAN SHEETS and pillows! Thanks for the cute story, I can absolutely relate. My GSP Dixon is right there with your Simba. What cute memories and happy times that we have from our cute furry friends and family members. Thanks for the post. Lisa T. (Roswell GA)

    • Simba's Mom says:

      Your comment made gave us a big smile. We would love to a picture of Dixon. It sounds like he brings you as much joy as Simba brings me. Email us a picture of Dixon so that we may post it. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

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