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Furry Siblings

My furry sibling, Gypsy has really changed since we’ve moved. She doesn’t destroy the entire house everyday while mum is at work. Although she slips once in a while. Yesterday, mum was home sick and she had just opened a new box tissues. While mum slept, Gypsy decided to decorate Please follow and like us:

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How to Stop Unwanted Behavior 1. Stop focusing on correcting or punishing bad behavior. Saying “No!” or squirting your dog with water might relieve your frustration but it can maintain or worsen your dog’s bad behavior. Corrections are deceiving. They momentarily suppress unwanted behavior so it seems to have worked. But if your dog does […]

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Training Tips

Training Dogs Afraid Of Loud Noises

Training Dogs Afraid Of Loud Noises Hi there! I love the blog! I recently got my 8 month old female GSP “Charley” from her board and train program. She has received e-collar training for every command. The e-collar is not a punishment tool, but a communication tool. She is amazing in the house – no accidents, […]

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Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.

My Life With Two German Shorthair Pointers

My Life With Two German Shorthair Pointers Gypsy is now a little over one year old.  She hasn’t slowed down at all but at least the destruction has.  She is fully aware that she has done something wrong but just can’t seem to help herself.  I believe she has learned right from wrong but every […]