PICTURE OF GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER My mommy’s mother came over to visit me today.  She likes to be called Caco.  She doesn’t like to be called the “G” word.  Caco is very nice but does not come by to see me very often.  I think she is used to being around those other furry things, cats. I was very excited to have a visitor while mom was at work.  We were sitting in the kitchen.  She was reading a magazine while I ate my food.  I don’t like to eat alone so I always save it until mommy comes home from work.  Then we eat dinner together.  All of a sudden, I hear it!  It a loud grumbling angry noise that gets louder and then levels off and then louder again and levels off.  I can hear it before it turns on our street.  It’s a big brown metal monster that is called UPS.  It likes to tease me while mommy is at work.  It goes past my IMAGE OF DOGhouse every day growling as loud as it can.  It only comes by to scare me when mommy is at work.  It knows better to harass me while mommy is home.  She will go out and conquer it. Its’ master likes to tease me as well.  Sometimes, he makes the big monster stop right in front of my house and the master comes to bang on my door.  It really scares me!  As soon as I hear the monster come around the corner I start to bark real loud as I run up and down the stairs in hopes that I will scare it away.  Most of the time, it works because it keeps on going, too scared of my bark to stop.  Today, however, it stopped.  Oh no!  Poor Caco.  She would be so scared.  What if the monster ate her?  What would I tell mommy?   I tried to warn her as soon as I heard it.  Then I heard the banging on the door.  Caco got up to open the door. NO!!!  As she tried to open the door, I would jump up and with one paw push her against the wall and with the other close the door back up so the bad master could not get in.  She kept saying that mommy needed something that the brown UPS monster brought for her.  She had to be mistaken.  So I continued to close the door on him to protect her.  She then walked away from the door and went into the kitchen. Whew! That was close.  She grabbed one of my favorite treats.  I knew that she would appreciate me taking care of her.  She threw the treat down the hall for me.  This isn’t the way mommy gives them to me but maybe it was her way of playing.  Like I said she is not used to dogs.  As I’m chasing the bone down the hardwood floors in the hallway, I hear the door open.  I turn my head and nooooooo!  I slid to a stop and not thinking about my treat waiting and bolted back.  Just as I got to her side and was ready to save her by pushing her into the wall again, she closed the door and had a package in her hand.  She showed it to me and said, “See, it’s okay.  This is what mommy was waiting for.”  The big monster started up his big grumble and I ran upstairs barking.  I have a perfect view from mom’s bedroom window to the front yard.  The monster had gone and we were safe but it was a real close call.



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  1. Good job, protecting everyone from the Big Brown Monster. But maybe it wasn’t so scary after all? I’ll bet that if you get used to it, the scary will be gone.

  2. dogs circle says:

    your not alone samba, our doggies feel the same way about those big rumbling brown metal monster

  3. Tony says:

    Those brown monsters are scary!

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