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  1. Hucks grandma says:

    I wondered about separation anxiety. If i am not with my dog huck where he can see me he barks non stop. If he is outside swimming, playing in the back yard and i go inside & shut the door he will literally jump on the door as if he is trying to break it down, barking constantly. He just can’t stand to be alone! He is 14 months old.

    • Naomi Heck says:

      Hi Hucks Grandma,
      It could definitely be separation anxiety. I can’t go into details on how to address it here because it is complex and each dog is different in what he needs, but a comprehensive resource that might help you is Nicole Wilde’s book “Don’t Leave Me!”. Behavior modification can be tedious, especially in the beginning. You will first need to help your dog feel relaxed while separated from you while you are both *inside* the house. Then very gradually progress to leaving him inside, while never evoking a panic response. Contacting a certified trainer in your area after reading the book would be a good idea because having professional guidance and support will make the process less frustrating for you. Good luck.

  2. Simba's Mom says:

    Great tip. This seriously needs to be taught early and reinforced periodically. I had a dog loose an eye from an attack of her big Husky sister. They had grown up together and although the Husky liked to show that she had control over both bowls of food by eating out of each back and forth, she never showed any aggression. Then one day out of the blue 8 years later the horrible attack happened right in front of my eyes. I love your suggestion of adding food instead of what is usually done; take food or toys away from them to show them you’re the boss. Thanks again Naomi.

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