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Unconditional Love


Simba and her Titi

This is my Titi.  She takes care of me when mommy is away on business trips.  She even spends the night with me so that I don’t have to sleep alone.  She know how much I like to cuddle when I sleep.  The only thing is that when mommy is away I like to sleep on her side of the bed.  It helps me not miss her so much.  Titi takes good care of me.  She plays ball and frisbee with me, stirs coconut oil into my food, cuddles with me while we watch TV, and doesn’t even mind picking up extra smelly poo.  She makes me laugh when the poo bag breaks and she gets it in her pretty long nails.  She does this crazy dance shaking her hand as she runs around the yard singing loudly “OOOOO, YUK, OOOOO, YUK, YUK!”  I never heard that song before but it sure is funny to watch.

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