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Watching TV With My Pups

Watching TV With My Pups

Gypsy has finally decided to play fetch.  Simba has retrieved the ball or frisbee since the first day I brought her home.  She was 8 weeks old.  Gypsy was too worried about losing the ball to Simba.  Once Gypsy gets the ball she won’t give it up and just wants to play “Simba chase me”.  Now I throw two balls.  One for Gypsy and one for Simba.  Simba brings back the ball for more.  Gypsy holds on to her and runs with Simba back and forth as Simba chases and retrieves her ball. Either way, they’re both getting the exercise they need.  The other night I’m watching TV with Simba on my lap as usual and Gypsy brings her ball and releases it.  From there she wanted to play fetch.  Simba prefers to sit on my lap instead of playing ball.  It works out perfect for Gypsy.


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