Whether To Buy Pet Insurance or Not

I get many emails from new GSP owners asking whether or not they should buy petGypsy insurance. Pet insurance is a personal choice that should be made after researching the subject well.  There are many questions you should ask not only about the pet insurance but yourself as well.  Sometimes the difference between having pet insurance and not is whether or not you would be able to afford a surgery or emergency visit on your own.  This could mean whether your pup gets to continue living or not.  I personally have always purchased pet insurance with a new young pup.  It makes sense financially because the pet insurance covers wellness checks and vaccines.  We all know that puppies get many vaccines in the first couple of years.  The cost of vaccines and wellness visits definitely outweigh the premium cost for those couple of years.

I was very glad I had the pet insurance when Gypsy almost died at 5 months old.  I woke up at 5am to find her lifeless in her crate. She had been scratching herself raw and now was barely breathing.  My first thought was that she was having an allergic reaction to something.  I put her in the sink to wash off anything that she had gotten into.  She was absolutely limp in my arms.  I rushed her to the emergency vet where they ran her to the back and worked on her several hours.  They put her on an IV and put her on oxygen among running a bunch of test trying to figure out what caused this reaction.  An added bonus was that the x-ray of her stomach had a zipper on it.  Now this did not cause the allergic reaction but could tear her intestines if she passed it.  It needed to come out.  After spending the entire day in the ER and vomiting a zipper, Gypsy was alert and breathing normally.

They could not tell me what caused the allergic reaction but made several suggestions. Simba as a pup They suggested using scentless laundry detergent.  Getting rid of any aroma plug ins, sprays, etc. that weren’t natural.  I also stopped using the wet Swifter pads to clean my floors.  I had cleaned my floors that night.  I know of a couple of people who’s dog suffered from seizures after they mopped with the wet pads. Gypsy is now 3 years old, healthy, and happy.  I have never been more glad to have the pet insurance during that horrid experience.

When thinking about pet insurance you want to ask about what the pet insurance covers. You also want to compare different pet insurance providers.  They are all different and so are the coverages.  What will the co-pay or deductible be?  What percentage does it pay for different procedures?  What is the premium for the insurance?  Are you locked in for a certain period of time, like an entire year at a time? Is there a penalty charge for cancelling the policy before the end of the term?  This seems like a lot of information needed before you make a decision on whether or not to purchase pet insurance.  I found that LendEDU simplifies this task by answering these questions and more.

Having a puppy can be the best experience of your life.  It promises to love you unconditionally every single day.  It will greet you happily upon your arrival. It will keep you company and snuggle. It will bring happiness and joy into your life.  All it needs in return is to be taken care of.  Taking care of it is the promise you make when you choose to bring home this precious gift.  Please take the time to ask yourself what will you do in case of any emergency.


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