Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer

Zosh comes home

Zosh, Simba’s big brother came home to visit for a week.  Zosh moved away to Utah six months ago.  As you know, German Shorthaired Pointers form an extreme bond with their owners.    She had an extremely difficult time getting over the separation anxiety when he moved away and Zoe started college.  As he walked up to her, first she barked and then she just melted away.  She started whimpering and gathering all of her toys for him.  She was so excited that for the first time ever she had trouble controlling her bladder from leaking.  I think that Zosh also her missed her lots too.


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  1. What a wonderful site! These stories crack me up – well done – cant wait to see more. And Simba is such a good looking dog!

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